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With less than one month to go before National Dance Week and our first-ever flash mob, it’s time to ask yourself… what are you doing to support NDW?  It is a week to “celebrate dance and promote fun fitness,” not just for the dancer, but for everyone.  

“Dance is such an important and fulfilling aspect in our lives…let’s celebrate!” proclaims Cathy Graziano, Director of National Dance Week and former dance teacher. “It’s also fun and a great way to get everyone moving and feeling good…let’s promote fun fitness!

According to Graziano, there are so many ways to be involved.  First is the Flash Mob created by celebrity dancer and choreographer Geo Hublea, happening on April 21st at 2:00?  Dance groups and organizations around the country are getting ready to take their towns by storm with their Flash Mobs, and have committed to making them spectacular events sure to garner media exposure.

“We want to hear from everyone about where they are holding their flash mobs and we are excited to see all the photos and videos, and will post them on a special page of our website and Facebook,” says Graziano.  “Geo’s choreography is posted on our website, Facebook, and YouTube, for people to practice, add to, or even create their own dance.”

She goes on to ask everyone who is participating to purchase official NDW Flash Mob t-shirts with their school name or organization printed on the back.  “It’s a great way to both support National Dance Week and promote your school or organization at the same time,” she adds.

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Learn How to Organziae a Flash Mob

Another great way to support NDW this April is to join the Virtual Kickline on www.NationalDanceWeek.org.

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“Being active and supporting NDW can be as simple as our Virtual Kickline, especially if you are working with young ones,” Graziano suggests.  Each participant makes the $1 donation, prints out the dancer card, and put his or her name on the card. Hang them all up next to one another in your studio, or store, or school, and see how long of a kickline you have created! Be sure to take a picture of the finished kickline because we would love to post it on our website.  National Dance Week will also be giving out a gift basket to a different participant each day!

Graziano reflects on how proud the organization is to acknowledge so many wonderful performances held in honor of National Dance Week over the years….and this year will be no exception.  “Let’s not forget the great kicklines, showcases, block parties, and other special events that have been organized for National Dance Week over the years. Do you have a performance that week that could be dedicated to National Dance Week?”

Whatever activity you engage in for National Dance Week – such as reading a book to your child’s class with a dance theme; encouraging your local library to set up a special display with the history of a local ballet company and biographies of famous dancers; or helping the school’s gym class to do square dancing – thank you.  This year we are calling everyone to action to be seen and heard during National Dance Week…..especially April 21, 2012, the day of the Flash Mob. 

“We are encouraging everyone to wear the Flash Mob t-shirt that day (or week) in support of National Dance Week, to celebrate dance and promote fun fitness,” Graziano concludes.  “So even if you are walking in the park, hanging out at the mall, food shopping, or watching your child’s soccer game, let your support be seen by wearing our t-shirt.  Let’s get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so everyone knows it is National Dance Week!"
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